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  • Product Name: Gang Lathe
  • Product Model: GS20/GH20/GHL20
  • Spindle Speed: 6000 rpm
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 8pc
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.005mm/Full travel、0.002mm/Full travel
  • System: FANUC oi-TF(Siemens options)
  • Weight: 1100/1200kg

For the market demands on machining small and precise workpieces, our R&D has spent several years creating good-quality, high-rigidity and high-precision CNC lathe for global customers.



Linear Guiderail (GHL20)
fast movement speed and light load.

Hard Guiderail (GH20/GS20)
high efficiency, high rigidity, stable machining accuracy and long lifespan.

machining accuracy within 0.3um
1.Spindle utilizes super-precision radial ball bearings,
2.keeping the concentricity and surface roughness within 0.3um.

Machining Conditions
1.machining material : brass          4.cutting depth: 0. 02mm
2.rotation speed of spindle : 4500rpm         5.cutting tool : natural diamond(O.D.)
3.feeding speed: 0.03mm/rev     6.and man-made diamond(endface)

High Quality
Spindle bearings are from Germany with super precision,ensuring the spindle high-speed and stable operation.

High Rigidity
One-piece casting iron bed boasts excellent performance in anti- vibration.

Long Lifespan
Sliding hard rail and ballscrews are forced to auto lubricating, extending the machines lifespan.

High Accuracy
High-quality core parts from Europe ensure highly precise machining at a high speed.

GH20 series
Item Unit GHL20 GH20 GS20
Capacity Bed swing over diameter mm(inch) 240(9.429)
Max. machining diameter mm(inch) 100(3.929)
Max. bar working diameter mm(inch) 20(0.786)
Max. machining length mm(inch) 100(3.929)
Travel X-axis mm(inch) 180(7.072) 200(7.874) 200(7.874)
Z-axis mm(inch) 180(7.072)
Spindle Max. spindle speed rpm 6,000
Spindle bore diameter mm(inch) 26(1.021)
Rapid moving speed X-axis m/min. 18 15 15
Z-axis m/min. 18 15 15
Tool Tool quantity pc. 8
O.D. tool holder height mm(inch) 12(0.039)*12(0.039)
I.D. tool holder diameter mm(inch) 25(0.982)
Central height of toolholder mm(inch) 35(1.378)
Motor Spindle motor power kw 3.7-5.5
Servo motor power(X-axis) kw 0.75
Servo motor power(Z-axis) kw 0.75
Lubricating motor  w 4
Coolant pump motor kw 0.18
Coolant tank Tank capacity L 55
Coolant oil pump motor power w 0.18
Others Machine power kva 6
Floor space(L*W*H) mm(inch) 1,150(45)*1,155(45)*1,715(67)
Machine weight kg(lb) 1,100(2,425) 1,200(2,645) 1,200(2,645)
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm(inch) 0.005(0.00019)/Full travel
Repeat positioning accuracy mm(inch) 0.002(0.0000787)/Full travel
Control system FANUC oi-TF(Siemens options)
Language English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc

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Communication Industry

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Space Flight and Aviation Industry

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