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  • Product Name: Turret Lathe
  • Product Model: TH62-300/500
  • Spindle Speed: 4500rpm
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 12(option 8)
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.002mm/100;0.005mm/L、0.002mm
  • System: Siemens 828SD
  • Weight:

TH62 series with top-level core parts, excellent design and assembling technical, are fine turret lathes with high speed, high accuracy, high efficiency and high stability for application to auto, aerospace, petroleum, moulding and bearing fields.They supply high-quality and high-precise technology for upgrading equipment manufacturing field.



Coordinate Driving System
X/Z axes rapid moving speeds respectively reach 30m/min and 36m/min. TH62 series are the fastest machines in the field, and pre-stretch screw guarantees high-accuracy machining, with SIEMENS 828D Motor Driver.


High-rigidity and high-accuracy spindle brings the excellent machining accuracy and high-quality surface.
1.Spindle with high power supplies higher efficiency, due to the shorter spindle and reduced bending, improving spindle rigidity, and ensuring machining accuracy.
2.The spindle body uses special material with quenching process and adopts double roller bearings, improving rigidity and stability.
3.Natural cooling technology used in spindle avoids accuracy drift, caused by high-temperature spindle for long-term high-speed operation, improving the stability of continuous machining accuracy.


1.Turret adopts servo motor indexing, arc fluted disc positioning and hydraulic clamping.
2.Turret boasts the features of rapid indexing, long lifespan and high rigidity.
3.Clamping force reaches 7000kgf

1.Tailstock uses single-part constructure to significantly improve rigidity and reliability, and adopts servo motor which has brake function.
2.The tailstock thrust is self-adapting controlling, suitable for heavy cutting and precise machining.
3.Rapid and precise positioning of tailstock is suitable for long or short work-piece setting and adjustment without maintenance.

Advanced Surface and Top Surface to Achieve Max. Machine Performance
It is a special algorithm, aiming to improve the work-piece quality and shorten working time. New pre- reading algorithm comprehensively consider the whole working routine, ensuring surface smooth for running programs.


Computational Accuracy of 80-bit Floating-point Number (NANOFP)---Precision over Nanometer
SIEMENS 828D drives compute with high-performance which is based on 80-bit NANO accuracy. This bring many benefits: obtaining the best work-piece accuracy by excellent contour controlling.


Simulation for Ensuring Process Reliability
SIEMENS 828D simulation guarantees maximum process reliability and safety as the real geometries of the tool used. It goes without saying that the simulation shows the precise process for actual operation, not just bright and colorful graphics. No matter slant face, end surface or column face, SIEMENS 828D simulates machining process accurately. And by the scaling function, operator can see all the working details, without simulating again.

SMS Function
If the No.3 machine need to change material in No.2 workshop? If the No.7 machine need to change a new milling tool in No.1 workshop? SIEMENS 828D will send all your demand information to you by mobilephone SMS. So that it can improve production efficiency. While you only need to insert one SIM card and input your mobilephone number into controller, then select these functions what you want such as tool management, in this way, you can get all the newest information at any time any where.

Convenient Internet Function
If your program was saved in your PC, we will supply a good solution for you with our improved PC tool. You only need to connect your PC with SIEMENS 828D by the front Ethernet interface, and use RCS commander software to exchange the data between computer and CNC controller. You can connect your machine into your company internet by the 100BaseT interface in the back without any other software.

TH62-300/500 Seires
Item Unit TH62-300 TH62-500
Capacity Max.bed swing Diameter mm(inch) 480(18.898)
Max. Machining Diameter mm(inch) 330(12.992)
Max. Machining Length mm(inch) 285(11.22) 520(20.472)
Spindle Bore Diameter mm(inch) 62(2.44)
Diameter of Machining Bar mm(inch) 51(2.008)
Max. Bearable Weight (including chuck) kgf 200
Travel X-axis Travel mm(inch) 190(7.48)
Z-axis Travel mm(inch) 330(12.992) 555(21.85)
Spindle Output Power (S1 condition) kw 12(option 7)
Form of Spindle End   A2-6
Rotation Speed of Spindle (Max.) rpm 4500
Chuck inch 8
Spindle Runout Conical Surface mm within 0.003
Spindle End mm within 0.003
Spindle Torque Nm 165(80)
Turret Turret Form   Servo Turret
Tool Quantity ea 12(option 8)
Tool Indexing Time s 0.5(0.2)
Max. Size of O.D. Tool mm(inch) 20(25)/0.787"
Max. Size of Boring Tool mm(inch) 32(40)/1.26"
Feeding X-axis Rapid Feeding Speed mm/min 30,000
Z-axis Rapid Feeding Speed mm/min 36,000
Feeding Speed mm/min 1-8,000
Tailstock Tailstock Form   Smart program control
Form of Tailstock Tapper   MT4
Moving Speed of Tailstock mm/min 10,000
Max. Travel of Tailstock mm(inch) 335(13.189) 530(20.866)
Thrust Adjustment Range kgf 0-200
Positioning Accuracy(ISO) X-axis (full travel) mm 0.002/100;0.005/L
Z-axis (full travel) mm 0.002/100;0.005/L
Repeat Positioning Accuracy(ISO) X-axis mm(inch) 0.002(0.0000787)
Z-axis mm(inch) 0.002(0.0000787)
Cooling System Volume L 150 180
NC Controller Siemens 828SD

Oil-mist Collector

 Automatic Steady Rest

Hollow Cylinder

Special Chuck

 Bar Feeder

 Part Puller

 Chip Conveyor

Parts Catcher

Air Conditioner for Electrical Cabinet

Tool Setting Gauge

Conveyor Belt



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