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  • Product Name: Drilling and Milling Machining
  • Product Model: MT50B/MT50BL
  • Spindle Speed: 12,000rpm
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 24ea
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.005(0.000197)mm/Full travel、0.003(0.000118)mm/Full travel
  • System: NC System
  • Weight: 3,900/4,000kg

MT50B drilling and milling machining center adopts 7:24(BT40)-type spindle tapper, suitable for drilling, tapping, milling, boring, reaming and other machining process. Professionally improved cooling system and more options available help you easily achieve automatic production. New MT series, with innovative technique, high efficiency, high accuracy and high performance, meets the customers' requirements in different industries.



MT50B Tool Changer
MT50B has reliable performance and low noise in the tool change, suitable for the system of rapid tool change, with simple structure convenient to maintain.


High-accuracy Ballscrew, Linear Guideway and Coupling
X/Y/Z axes utilize high-accuracy ballscrew, high-rigidity and high-positioning-accuracy guiderail and SFC coupling, ensuring better torsional rigidity, small inertia, and zero backlash to meet the requirement for high-speed running, maximum accelerating speed of 2.0G, and maximum rapid speed of 48m/min.

High-speed Spindle Motor
Japanese Mitsubishi spindle motor with fine performance, equipped with high-precise and high-precision bearings, achieves high speed and low vibration effect, maximum rotation speed reaching 12000rpm.

Cooling System
Big coolant tank and high-power cooling motor can supply enough cutting liquid during machiningprocess, pull-out type coolant tank saves room, convenient to clean chips, and 4 filters effectively avoid chips into cooling pump.

High Speed, High accuracy, High Rigidity and High Efficiency
Pre-reading several segments makes the program, formed by continuous minute
displacement, perform high-speed machining at the rate of 33.7-k segment/min. (Maximum Type B of 8.4-k segment/min)


High-accuracy Control Function
Carry out the corrections at the connection corner of lines, improving the circle action andconducting interpolation control according to the instructions. The instruction produced by arcaction decreases the inward errors to make the morphological track control closer to the programmed value.

NANO Control- Increase in Operational Precision of Interpolation
Even if the instruction is for 1-micrometer machining program, it can also
proceed interpolation operation in nanometer, smaller space for higher
operation accuracy of program segment intersection.

Shorter Positioning Time
Conducting the maximum torque deceleration can perform spindle positioning in
the shortest time, further saving startup time.

Preventing Spindle Case from Fall Down Caused by Outage
The power supply unit instantaneously monitors the outage and pulls up the
spindle case to avoid crashing work-pieces.

Tapping Fallback Function
Because of the E-STOP or power-cut, the machining
program suddenly pauses in tapping operation, but
automatic tool retracting from workpieces can still be
achieved after restart.

Item Unit MT50BL MT50B
Worktable Table Size mm(inch) 800*400(31.496*15.748) 650*400(25.591*15.748)
Max. Bearing Weight kg(lb) 300(661)
Machining Capacity X-axis Travel mm(inch) 650(25.591) 500(19.685)
Y-axis Travel mm(inch) 400(15.748)
Z-axis travel mm(inch) 380(14.961)
Distance from Spindle End to Table Surface mm(inch) 200-580(7.874-22.835)
Spindle Max. Rotation Speed of Spindle rpm 12,000
Tapping Speed rpm 4,000
Tapper   7/24(BBT40)
Feeding Rate Cutting Feeding Speed mm/min 1-12,000
Rapid Speed (X/Y/Z)) m/min 48/48/48
ATC System Tool System   BT40
Pop-rivet Model   BT40
Tool Changer Capacity ea 24
Max. Tool Length mm(inch) 300(11.811)
Max. Tool Diameter mm(inch) 75/150(2.953/5.906)
Max. Tool Weight kg(lb) 8(18)
T-T Time sec 0.9
(C-C) Time sec 1.5
Motor Spindle Motor kw 7.5
Machine Power v AC200±10%
Power Capacity kva 15
Height mm(inch) 2830(111.417)
Floor Space mm(inch) 2200*2430(86.614*95.669)
Weight kg(lb) 3,900(8598) 4,000(8808)
NC System NC System   Mistubishi M70V(Siemens)
Display   8.4"TFT LCD
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy mm(inch) 0.005(0.000197)/Full travel
Repeat Positioning Accuracy mm(inch) 0.003(0.000118)/Full travel

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