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  • Product Name: Vertical Machining Center
  • Product Model: MT80/100/120
  • Spindle Speed: 10000(120000/150000)rpm
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 30(option 48)
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.006(0.000236)mm/Full travel、0.004(0.000158)mm/Full travel
  • System: SIEMENS 828D
  • Weight: 6400/7000kg

  MT80/MT100 Vertical machining center, with spindle tapper 7:24(BBT40), using 3D modeling FEM analysis technique, has a better structure and higher rigidity. It is suitable for drilling, milling, boring, and reaming etc. machining process. Improved cooling system and more options available help your automatic requirement come true easily. New MT series with innovative technique, high efficiency, high accuracy and high cost performance, could meet different customers' requirements.




Self-development High-speed Spindle
Spindle nozzle quantity reaches 10, making the coolant spray to machining area evenly and abundantly to achieve the overall spraying, thus quickly bringing tool heat away and extending the service life. No need to adjust nozzle position frequently, without stacking chips, makes it safe, efficient and humanized.
Designing the interior of cutting liquid intake simplifies the spindle appearance.
Spindle diameter reaches ∅160, with high rigidity.
Spindle tapperBBT40, has a very stable machining condition with high speed.

Cooling Axis Inside to Improve Machining Accuracy
Spindle cooling system reduces the spindle thermal deformation, improving machining accuracy effectively.
Core blowing is optional, equipped with spraying water device at spindle center, ensuring high-speedrunning for a long time.

Rigidity Coupling and High-accuracy Ballscrew
X, Y and Z axes motors connecting with high-precision ballscrew by rigidity coupling achieve zero backlash of motors and screws, high concentricity of motors and screws and fine dynamic response performance of feeding system.
X Y and Z axes, using ∅45 double nut ballscrew and pre-stretch, provide the best feeding rigidity and accuracy.

High-rigidity Casting Bed
5 essential casting parts use HT300 with integrated casting technique, with large
chanmber casting constructure, reasonable layout of ribs, FEM analysis, huge
column span and high ridigity.

3 axes use high-rigidity and precise linear guideway, offering the condition for
high speed and smooth movement. The installation surface of high-rigidity
linear guideway is processed precisely to ensure the accuracy of contact surface,
providing reliable stability and overall high rigidity.

Double helical chip conveyor makes sure chip out with high efficiency.

Highest Precision
SINUMERIK CNCs and SINAMICS drivers compute with high-performance 80-bit NANO FP
accuracy, eliminating rounding errors and resulting in an extremely high internal computational accuracy in the complete controller circuit. Further, a dynamic feed forward control ensures that the following error is almost completely compensated – and jerk limitation reduces stress on the mechanical system when axes accelerate. Using Dynamic Servo Control, SINAMICS control technology provides additional position control in the driver – representing an additional advantage by achieving an increased level of disturbance resistance of the machine control.


Maximum Rotation Speed
Here, with its Advanced Surface and Top Surface features, SINUMERIK offers the ideal solution. Advanced Surface stands for state-of-the-art control algorithms, such as Look Ahead or the dynamic compression of linear and circular blocks in 5th degree poly-nomials (NURBS). Machines can be operated at their physical limits when using Advanced Surface and Top Surface.

Advanced Surface and Top Surface ensure the milling with high quality.
Advanced Surface and Top Surface are synonymous with milling at physical machine limits– with the highest velocity and precision, the best surface quality – and not just for moldmaking.

High Speed Setting
The user-friendly High Speed Setting Cycle simplifies parameterizing moldmaking
applications. With just a few parameters, SINUMERIK is set to the machining task–roughing,finishing or prefinishing – as well as the required machining tolerance.

SIMOTICS Torque Motor
High static torque, high maximum speed and smooth running properties make SIMOTICS
torque motors the optimum feeding drivers for machine tools. A high degree of protection,strong bearings and a vibration-free design ensure that these synchronous torque motors have excellent reliability. High-quality magnetic materials achieve a very high power density, so that these motors have very small dimensions and can be installed in extremely tight spaces.

Item Unit MT80 MT100
Worktable Table Size mm(inch) 900*500(35.433*19.685) 1,200*500(47.244*19.685)
Max. Bearing Weight kg(lb) 500(1102)
Machining Capacity X-axis Travel mm(inch) 762(30) 1,020(40.157)
Y-axis Travel mm(inch) 530(20.866)
Z-axis travel mm(inch) 560(22.047)
Distance from Spindle End to Table Surface mm(inch) 150-710(5.905-27.953)
Spindle Max. Rotation Speed of Spindle rpm 10,000(120,000/150,000)
Tapping Speed rpm 6,000
Tapper   7/24(BBT40)
Feeding Rate Cutting Feeding Speed mm/min 1-10,000 1-15,000
Rapid Speed (X/Y/Z)) m/min 48/48/36
ATC System Tool System   BBT40
Pop-rivet Model   BT40-45°
Tool Changer Capacity ea 30(option 48)
Max. Tool Length mm(inch) 300(11.811)
Max. Tool Diameter mm(inch) 76(2.992)
Max. Diameter Without Adjacent Tools mm(inch) 150(5.906)
Max. Tool Weight kg 8
T-T Time sec 3 2.5
(C-C) Time sec 5
Motor Spindle Motor kw 15
Machine Power v AC380V±10%
Power Capacity kva 25
Height mm(inch) 2,697.5(106.201)
Floor Space mm(inch)     2,770*2,679  (109.055*105.472) 3,050*2,679(120.079*105.472)
Weight kg 6,400(14,110) 7,000(15,432)
NC System NC System   Siemens 828D(Option FANUC)
Display   10.4"colorful display
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy mm(inch) 0.006(0.000236)/Full travel
Repeat Positioning Accuracy mm(inch) 0.004(0.000158)/Full travel

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