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  • Product Name: Glass Carved Machine
  • Product Model: KDX-80A
  • Spindle Speed: 60000 rpm
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 6*2/4*4
  • Positioning Accuracy: ±0.005mm
  • System:
  • Weight: 2300kg/2500kg

KDX series carved machines have a feature of high rigidity, high speed spindle, making a good performance in speculating. With high speed and high accuracy, it also has an opening NC controller, suitable for drilling, grooving, grinding, polishing and highlight surface milling.



CCD Positioning System
second precise positioning to the workpiece.

Standard with 60000rpm Spindle
   A 60000rpm spindie with the positioning accuracy of Rout 5μ,is able to meet the machining requirement for high accuracy and high polish .

Panasonic Servo System
high precision resolution ratio and high speed signal feedback

Spindle Cooling System
Highly effective large water cooling device reduces the spindie temperature significantli,ensurinf the spindle continuously running at a high speed and prolongin its aervice life.



Double Axes with Automatic Arm
1、Automatic arm is fit for machining 4.5 to 8-inch workpieces and Max. capacity
is 60 pieces per axis.
2、Manually loading or unloading materials by disassembling plate can make machining capacity up to 13 inches.
3、Double axes with automatic loading and unloading system continuously running can achieve the effect that one worker controls 10-15 sets machines at the same time,saving labor forces and creating more value.


Human-computer Interface
Unique human-computer interface can compensate workpiece length and width
separately and compensate gang tools by layer individually, improving quality and
operation ratio.
Machine has protection device, such as, E-STOP for maloperation, alarm for low air
pressure, alarm for insufficient lubrication oil and alarming protection function.

Imported high-speed and precise screw meets the machining requirement for
high precision and high speed.

Water Tank
Big tank with refined multi-layer filters reduces glass dust recycle, ensuring the
workpiece surface has fine quality without scoring.

Slop Recycle System
The environmental system improves product yield by preventing the waste oil from
entering recycle water tank to pollute cutting fluid. Three-level filters resistant to oil and water ensures XYZ axes screws and guideways have enough lubrication and moving parts have long service life.

Item KDX-70A KDX-80A
Controller Weihong (MITSUBISHI,FAGOR)
Machine Bed Granite
Spindle Power 1.5kw
Spindle Rotation Speed 60000 rpm
Fixture Special fixtures for AT automatic arm(2 pcs) AL T-SLOT automatic fixture(4 pcs)
Automatic mechanical Arm AT automatic arm*2 AT automatic arm*4
X-axis Travel 350mm(13.780in) 240mm(9.449in)
Y-axis Travel 520mm(20.472in)
Z-axis effective Travel 100mm (3.937in)
Distance Between Spindles 330mm(12.992in) 205mm(8.071in)
Spindle Quantity 2 axes 4 axes
Toolholder Diameter 6mm(0.236in)
Tool Changer Capacity 6*2 4*4
Machine Power 6.5kw 9.5kw
Motor absolute encode + servo motor
Guideway+Screw C3 level screw grinding + H level precision guideway
Positioning Accuracy ±0.005mm(0.0001969)
Machining Accuracy ±0.01mm(0.0003937)
Max. Speed of X/Y-axis 15M/min
Max. Speed of Z-axis 10M/min
Tool Change Method Pneumatic Tool Change Method
Tool Setting Gauge 1 2
Lubrication Oil Pump self-oil feeding at the center guideway oil(with waste oil recycle system)
Data Reading Method USB/ internet interface
X-axis Protection organ-type protecting cover
Y-axis Protection organ-type protecting cover + stainless steel metal sheet
Working Light LED rocker light / +LED built-in toplight
Buzzer fault indicating buzzer
Power Demand 220V single phrase
Vacuum Negative Pressure Requirement -90kp consumption of 1L/min
0 Air Pressure Requirement 5.5-8kg/m2 /consumption of 2L/min
Overall Dimension(L,W & H) 1,866.5mm*1,461.5mm*1,985mm(73.484in*57.539in*78.150in)
Total Weight 2,300kg(5,071lb) 2,500kg(5,512lb)

Optics Medical

cellphone glass panel

Grooving, Drilling

Printing (Printer Panel)

Cellphone Screen

Cellphone Cover









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