After-sales Service Network

10 service locations in China, equipping sales services personnels.
4 region service centers: in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other offices.


Advantages of Our After-sales Service

★  Professional Quality
Engineers of after-sales services are all rich in knowledge and practical experience in machinery, electricity and so forth, and occupied in these fields for many years so that they can solve relative problems rapidly and well.

★  Service Mechanism
Active services—engineers of after-sales services would visit customers with unceasing phones or field visit.
Round-clock on-line services (400-669-0001) and 72-hour mechanism for handling with complaints from users.


★  After-sales Guarantee
One year guarantee period. Provide service and replace parts for free.After the guarantee period expires, provide free service but replace parts at cost price.Provide free technology support in the long term.

Complete Chinese After-sales Service System——
after-sales service car launching ceremony in January, 2010.

KEMT professional service team- Response within 2 hours,
and arrive at the customer's workshop within 24 hours.


Professional after-sales training plan

Training qualified technical operator for the customers
Training qualified technical operator for the customer regularly
Equipment debugging/sample processing/equipment maintenance/ system programming


Complete Spare Parts Storage Center

With the complete domestic spare parts storage center system, our company can provide corresponding spare parts to customers rapidly, avoid economical loss due to the too long purchasing period.